Fair pricing

With us, you can forget the asterisk, because you’ll never be surprised by a bunch of hidden charges. Our competitive all-inclusive management fee of 5.5% (including GST) ensures that you get maximum return on your investment, and that you’re covered, even if things go wrong.

With propper, there’s no long-term commitment, we’re so confident you’ll love us, so we’ll never prevent you from leaving us.

Features Typical Agent Fees propper
Management Fee 7.60% (incl GST) 5.50% (incl GST)
Letting Fee 2 Weeks Rent $799
Listing Fee (Advertising) $180 Included
Monthly Administration Fee $9 Included
Tenant Check (per check) $29 Included
Annual Statement $59 Included
Lease Renewal 1 week rent Included


Management Fee
Letting Fee
Listing Fee (Advertising)
Monthly Administration Fee
Tenant Check (per check)
Annual Statement
Lease Renewal


7.60% + GST*
2 Weeks Rent
1 week rent

5.5% management fee +

$799 letting fee
(incl. GST) no extra fees

*National Average under the Macquarie’s Relationship banking 2012 Residential Real Estate Benchmarking Report for the financial year 2010 – 2011.

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Pricing FAQ

Why is propper less expensive than traditional real estate agencies or local property managers?

To put it simply, we have lower overheads. We deliver our service through a harmonious combination of a centralised contact centre and Local Area Managers.

Our Local Area Managers are our ‘on the ground’ experts who conduct professional open inspections for prospective tenants and your routine inspections on a bi-annual basis. They also make sure you get high-quality inspection reports so that you know your property is being looked after by your tenants.

Our contact centre team is set up to do everything that doesn’t need to be done in person and are the driving force behind the successful management of your property. They’re a professional and proactive bunch who work hard to keep you in the loop and ensure all the important admin stuff gets done.

It’s this model that allows us to operate without unnecessary expenses and focus on delivering ‘best in class’ property management to our landlords.

Is propper a licensed real estate agency?

Yes, we’re a fully licensed real estate agency, however, unlike traditional agencies, we don’t do sales. This means that delivering a seamless and stress-free property management service is our only priority.

What does ‘all inclusive fee’ actually mean?

It means exactly that. It’s a simple fee of 5.5% (incl. GST) of the weekly rental, and never a cent more. We believe that anything that comes up is just part of the job, so no matter what happens, you can be sure you’ll have nothing more to pay if you choose propper as your managing agent.

How do I switch from my current property manager to propper?

Simple. Like everything else, we will take care for the entire process for you. If your property is already under management with another agency, you should find that you aren’t bound to any long-term contact or agreement, so switching to propper will be quick and easy and we can normally organise the transfer of managing agent to occur within just a couple of weeks (if not sooner).

How can propper help me understand what my property is worth if you aren’t in the area?

The days of needing to live and work in an area to understand the property market are long gone. At propper, we use your own self-evaluation combined with live property data to analyse trends relating to the rental market in your area. This helps us determine the maximum weekly rental return you can obtain for your property. We’ll also help you conduct an annual rental review – this means each year, you’ll know you’re getting the best possible return on your investment.

Is there anything propper doesn’t do?

No, we literally do everything that is required to successfully manage your investment property. When we say ‘worry-free property management’ we mean it. By having propper on your side, you’ll always be covered.

From listing your property for lease, getting you high quality tenants, managing your rental payments, dealing with maintenance issues, regular statements, regular communications to tricky situations, such as tribunal appearances – we’ll look after you.

Am I locked into a contract or minimum term with propper?

Absolutely not! We are so confident you’ll love us and trust us – that you are free to leave at any time. If you aren’t completely satisfied with us as your property managers and you choose to leave, all we ask is that you provide us with 14 days notice.

How do I contact propper?

Operating out of a contact centre means no more unreturned calls; we are here for you, seven days a week. Getting in contact with us is easy. Just call one of our Customer Success Experts on 1300 622 751 or send us an email on support@propper.com.au.

We’re the property management experts that make your life easier. It’s easy, it’s hassle-free, it’s what property management is meant to be.