Owners FAQs

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Joining propper
You don’t have a local office – how can you manage my property?
What differentiates propper from other real estate agents?
How does propper keep its fees fair? 
What’s included in propper’s management fee?
What locations does propper cover?
I’m ready to join! What’s next?
My property is vacant and I need help finding new tenants. How long will it take for propper to get my property listed online?
Will I be charged any fees for switching to propper?
My property is already managed by another agent. How do I switch to propper?
Will I lose my current tenants when I switch to propper?
Is propper a licenced real estate agent?
Can I meet someone from propper in person before I join? 
Why did you start propper?
Can I list my property for lease with propper and another agent at the same time?
Can you use my photos in the listing?
How do you screen prospective tenants?
Do I pay the Leasing Fee if my existing tenants renew their lease?
How do you advertise my property for lease?