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20 tips for financing investment properties

It’s no secret that Australian real estate prices are high, and because it can be a more affordable way of getting on the property ladder, many homebuyers are buying investment properties rather than looking to be an owner-occupier the first time they purchase a property. An investment property helps to pay the mortgage and with […]

The best ways to maximise your rental return

If you have an investment property, you want to maximise your rental return. You may need to become more proactive to do so, but your conscientiousness will pay dividends. These are seven of the best ways to maximise your rental return.   1. Renovate  When you buy an older property, it may need some renovations. Do […]

What to look for in a property manager

A property manager should look after your investment property as diligently as you would. That’s what you’re paying them for. Some property managers will promise you everything, but drop the ball after you’ve agreed to let them manage your property. How can you avoid this? What should you look for in a property manager?  Don’t […]

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